Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sentence Construction - Subject Verb Agreement (Section A)

Sentence construction


       1.      S - boys          V - holding        O - candyfloss    
                                       V - running        O - ticketing counter
               Two boys, who are holding the sweet candyfloss, are running
               towards the ticketing counter.

       2.      S - girl            V - waiting             O - balloon
                S - clown        V - inflating            O - balloon - (it)

              The girl with plaited hair is waiting patiently for her balloon while
              the clown beside her is inflating it.

      3.      S - ladies       V - wearing          O - dress
                                     V - waving            O - children
                                     V - riding              O - pony           
                                                                  (+) add - merry-go-round
              Two ladies wearing beautiful dress are waving to their children who
              are riding the wooden pony on the merry-go-round.
     4.     S - man            V - standing          O - ticketing counter

             The man, who has short, straight hair is standing at the ticketing

    5.      S - man         V - walking           O - funfair
             S - watch       V - is                     O - hand
             The man wearing a vest, is walking leisurely at the funfair.

      1.      S - boy      V - strumming        O - guitar
                                 V - sitting               O - gazebo

               The boy, who is strumming the guitar, is sitting under the wooden

      2.     S - boy      V - eating        O - sandwich  
                                V - sitting        O - mat

              The boy, who is eating a slice of sandwich, is sitting on the mat.

      3.     S - girl       V - sitting        O - stool
                                V - painting     O - picture   (+) add - tree

             The girl with a pony tail, is sitting on the stool and she is painting
             a beautiful, nice picture under the shady tree.

     4.      S - boy      V - reading         O - book    
                                V  - sitting          O - girl

             There is a teenage boy reading a book and he is sitting beside the
             beautiful girl.

     5.     S - boy      V - wearing      O - spectacles
                              V - listening       O -children

             The boy wearing a pair of spectacles, is listening to the children
             playing the musical instruments.

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