Monday, 18 August 2014

Paper 1 - Grammar Section

Sample 1

Questions 16 – 21 :
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

16.       Giraffes are the  ____________animals.
            A         tall
            B         taller
            C         tallest

17        They _____________ talking about the terrible incident.
            A         are
            B         is
            C         am

18.       We must not to eat too ______________ sweet food.
            A         much
            B         little
            C         some

19.       Abu has three _______________ and a ______________ in his pencil box.
            A         pencil , sharpener
            B         pencils , sharpeners
            C         pencils , sharpener

20.       I like sunny days _______________ I can go out to play.
            A         and
            B         but
            C         or
            D         because