Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Section C - Question 3

Simple and straight forward essay.

Encik Zain- family – stopped – fallen –tree- road

Encik Zain is a very busy person and he would like to spare some of his time with his beloved family. He had planned an outing to the beach. Last Saturday, it was a hot and fine day so, Encik Zain and his family went to the beach.His son, Amir was so excited that day. However, in the middle of the way, they had to stop because a tree had fallen across the road.There was a heavy storm the previous night. He could not carry the fallen tree because it was heavy.

Boys – came – help- carried – side-

Two boys saw the incident and came to help. Encik Zain and the boys carried the tree to the side of the road. They were exhausted and rested for a while. They wanted to go home.

Thanked- gave- money- journey

Encik Zain thanked the boys because they had helped him.He gave some money but they refused politely. Encik Zain insisted and finally they accepted gladly. Encik Zain and his family continued their journey. It was an unforgettable incident for them.