Friday, 6 August 2010

Section A - Question 1

1. The sun is rising and shines brightly.
2. The children are playing the hoops happily.
3. There are two women sitting on the bench and they are talking to each other.
4. The boy, who is wearing jersey number ten, is running after the ball in the park.
5. A man is riding his bicycle and he is waving to the women.

Simple sentences:
1. The boys are playing football at the field.
2. There are two ladies sitting on the bench under the tree.
3. Two girls are playing happily near the flower bush.
4. The sun shines brightly.
5. The boy is cycling his bicycle.

1. The pupils are in the laboratory to carry out an experiment.
2. The pupils are learning a new Science experiment and they are referring to their textbooks.
3. The teacher is explaining the steps and the pupils are listening to him attentively.
4. The bunsen burner is on the table and there is a glass beaker on it.
5. The teacher is standing in front of the pupils while the pupils are sitting on the stools.

Simple sentences:

1. The pupils are in the Science laboratory.
2. The teacher is teaching the pupils.
3. The pupils listen to the teacher.
4. There is a bunsen burner on the table.
5. The pupils are sitting on the stools.


  1. slm, may I use your material for my tuition class? thank you. :)

  2. good job!!keep up this good effort!!